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workshop mug ceramics
Workshop mug

Sunday, September 22, 2024 - 10:00 am

€47.50 pp incl. VAT

2 out of 8 spots available

In brief:

NEW! - Shape your own mug or cup during this ceramics workshop. We will work with the pinching technique (from the Crooked Garden teaching method). Because we work with our own body, and not with a turntable, every cup is unique and suits you perfectly!

After two years of giving ceramics workshops, it is time to stand on your own two feet. That is why Corvo now also offers the mug workshop! Fortunately, we continue to work in the studio with the Crooked Garden teaching method.

What is the hand pinching method?

The hand pinching technique is an age-old technique in ceramics in which you squeeze the clay with your hands and fingers and shape it into the desired shape. During the workshop you will be guided step by step in the process of building your mug using this technique.

You start by kneading and preparing the clay, then slowly and gently begin to squeeze and shape the clay into the desired shape of your mug. You can play with the thickness of the walls, the shape and the handle to create a mug that suits you completely.

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Practical information:

For whom: Anyone who wants to get acquainted with ceramics, or who has done clay before

Where: Atelier Studio Corvo - Travertijnstraat 6 in Groningen

How long: The workshop lasts +/- 1.5 hours

And after the workshop: I will glaze the cups very carefully, so that you can pick up your cup after about 5 weeks.

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