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Zeefdruk workshop
Screen printing workshop

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Do you also want to experience the magic of "making"? Step into the studio and discover the world of screen printing or ceramics! In half a day you get the chance to explore your creative side and escape from the hustle and bustle of the day. By creating something with your hands you are invited to step out of your head and come into more contact with your body. At the end of the workshop you will go home with high-quality self-made artwork.

The workshops are given in the studio at Travertijnstraat 6 in Groningen.

I also give on-site workshops for all kinds of target groups such as schools, companies or local initiatives such as community centers.

Screen printing workshop

During the screen printing workshops we will work on, for example, designing, lighting, taping, raking and much more! All this of course while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. The workshops can be booked for 2 people or more and there are two types possible: the template technique and the lighting technique. Technically, anything that is flat can be screen printed. During the workshops we print on tote bags, t-shirts or sweaters, paper and much more.


Screen printing


Explore the fascinating world of ceramics and be surprised by the relaxing effect of hand building. This pinching technique is centuries old and extremely versatile! Because we shape everything with our own hands (there is no turntable involved), a unique item is created. This art form is often experienced as meditative. Will you come and experience it? During the workshops we make mugs or cups, plates, vases and fruit bowls, among other things

Screen printing workshop tote bag
Screen printing workshop mug
Ceramic plate workshop
Ceramic mug pottery
ceramic mug workshop
pottery workshop
pillowcase screen printing
Screen printing ink
Screen printed tote bag

Customized workshop:
Screen printing template technique

Would you like to get acquainted with screen printing in an accessible way? Then choose a workshop where we will work with the template technique. We make a design ourselves, which we then cut out of foil. We stick this foil on the screen and then print with a color of your choice. At the end of the workshop you will go home with your own original tote bag.

Number of persons: 4 to 12 persons
Price: from €30 pp
Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Date: in consultation

Customized workshop:
Lighting technique

Are you ready for the "real" screen printing work? Nice! Then book this workshop where we will go through the entire screen printing process. After creating your own design, we will translate it into red cutting film or foil. After this it is time to grab the sieve. We will first provide it with a special coating. This must be blown dry after which we can expose the design on the screen. The sieve is now ready for use, exciting! After choosing an ink color of your choice, we print the design on a tote bag. At the end of the workshop you will go home with your own original tote bag.

Number of persons: 2 to 5 persons

Price: from €45 pp

Duration: 2.5 to 3.5 hours

Date: in consultation

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